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VN Bibliography: Couturier
Maurice Couturier, author of the 1993 _Nabokov ou la tyrannie de=20
l'auteur_ (as well as the 1979 _Nabokov_) announces the appearance of a=20
new monograph which includes Nabokov as part of its subject matter.=20
Professor Couturier's description of his work follows below.
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My latest book, La Figure de l'auteur, presents an interactive theory of
textual communication in the novel, the two "real" subjects being the
author and the reader. It could also have been entitled "the return of the
author": I try to show that the author never manages to absent himself from
his text but forces the reader to enter the black box of the text. My
corpus is the innovative novel since the eighteenth century (Defor,
Richardson, Laclos, Flaubert, James, Dickens, Proust, Joyce, Woolf, and
Nabokov and many others). The first chapter is about the inaugural denial
(anonymity, titles, dedications, forewords, etc), the second about
metatextual strategies (from the epistolary novel to metafictions), the
third about monotextual constraints, the fourth about the representation of
speech and thoughts and so-called free indirect style, and the fifth on
pseudo autobiographies (Proust, Joyce and Nabokov).

Here are the bibliographical references:

Maurice Couturier, La Figure de l'auteur, Paris: Editions du Seuil,
Collection "Po=E9tique", 1995.

Universite de Nice - Sophia Antipolis
U.F.R. Lettres et Sciences Humaines
Maurice Couturier
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