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Lolita's retainer
From: Sage Hamilton <>
Subject: New _Lolita_ Movie

Two things on the new movie:
1) In American English, a retainer refers to the device the orthodonist
inflicts upon teenagers after the removal of braces (which are cemented
to teeth and connected by wires, and sometimes rubber bands, in an
attempt to straighten them). It fits to the top of your mouth, with a
wire which goes around the front teeth. It's unpleasant to wear, must be
removed and set on a cafeteria tray at lunchtime, and can be popped in
and out of place with a little suction. I doubt these things were
available in the '50s.

2) I spoke to a woman at Zanuck productions about the film (in an attempt
to learn more about it for my thesis on _Lolita_ from print to screen)
and it won't be finished shooting anytime soon because "They're filming
in the south of France next spring..." !!! I haven't seen the LA Times
article yet; perhaps it mentions this, but I assume this means Lyne and
his writer Stephen Schiff are re-instating the Lost Riviera Love,
probably in an attempt to provide psychological basis for Humbert's
nympholepsy. How '90s.

Sage Hamilton
Department of English
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill