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VN Bibliography: "La Veneziana"
The Aug. 1995 PLAYBOY with Nabokov 1924 story "La Veneziana" is now on
the newsstands where you can obtain it for a cool $4.95 plus tax.
Written in Russian and now translated into English by Dmitri Nabokov, the
story has already appeared in French and Italian translations. You might
want to read the story in the library and save your $5 for a downpayment
on the one volume collection, _The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov_, ed.
Dmitri Nabokov that Knopf plans to publish in the fall.

I note sadly that PLAYBOY, which published much Nabokov in the 60s & 70s,
did not even bother to list the Nabokov story on its cover which, instead,
proudly announces "The Girls of Radio," "Inside the Right-Wing Militia,"etc.
The editors have chosen to accompany the story with an
illustration....for which words fail me.

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