NABOKV-L post 0000631, Fri, 30 Jun 1995 09:55:18 -0700

Beth Sweeney, who gave a talk on Nabokov and Pynchon at the Nice Nabokov
Conference calls attention to the "Worth a Thousand Words" item in "The
Talk of the Town" section of the NEW YORKER issue of 26 June & 3 July
(The Fiction Issue), pp. 56-58.
The heading reads: "For its centennial the New York Public
Library asked local librarians to select the Books of the Century. The
top hundred and fifty-nine were then rendered by Diana Bryan in a mural,
now on display at the Research Library, on Forty-Second Street." Among
the dozen reproduced is that for LOLITA. One can only wonder if the
artist has read LOLITA.