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Below you will find the Table of Contents for NABOKOV STUDIES #2, i.e.,
1995. The issue is about 300pp. The Publisher reports that it should be
available in July. I advise that you do NOT order until NABOKV-L actually
has a copy in hand. AT THAT TIME, copies may be ordered from: Charles
Schlacks, Publisher/ The Center for Multiethnic and Transnational Studies,
Kerckhoff Hall/ University of Southern California/ 734 W. Adams Blvd./ Los
Angeles, California 90089-7724. Individual subscriptions including postage
are $28 domestic or $29 overseas. Institutional -- $32 and $33
respectively. Checks in $US drawn on an American bank.
Vol. 2 1995

Table of Contents

FORUM: Did Humbert Kill Quilty? The Chronology of Lolita

Nabokov's Time Doubling: From The Gift to Lolita
Alexander Dolinin
'Nature's Reality' or Humbert's 'Fancy': Scenes of Reunion and
Murder in Lolita
Julian Connolly
"Even Homais Nods": Nabokov's Fallibility or How to
Revise Lolita
Brian Boyd

Pale Fire: Three Notes towards a Thetic Solution
Chris Ackerley
Nabokov's Travesties of Childhood Nostalgia
Richard Borden
'Perplex'd in the Extreme': Moral Facets of Nabokov's Work
Gerard De Vries
Look at Valdemar! (a beautiful corpse revived)
Jeff Edmunds
Time, Writing and Ecstasy in Speak, Memory: Dramatizing the
Proustian Project
Christian Moraru
Silence and the Ineffable in Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading
Brian Thomas Oles
Death and Immortality in Nabokov's "A Busy Man"
Svetlana Polsky

REWRITING NABOKOV: A Story and an Article

Jean Lahougue's "The Resemblance"
Trans. by Jeff Edmunds
(Re)writing Considered as an Act of Murder: How to Rewrite Nabokov
in a Post-Nouveau Roman Setting
Michel Sirvent

The Great (Textual) Communicator, or, Blindness and Insight: Maurice
Couturier's Nabokov ou la tyrannie de l'auteur
Brian McHale
Nabokov's Lepidoptera: Dieter E. Zimmer's "Nabokov's Lepidoptera" in Les
papillons de Nabokov, ed. Michel Satori
Brian Boyd

David Rampton. Vladimir Nabokov John Burt Foster
Inna Broude. Ot Khodasevicha do Nabokova:nostalgicheskaia tema
v poezii pervoi russkoi emigratsii Irena Luksic