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Synaesthesia (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Synaesthesia played a role in Nabokov's creative process
and has been the subject a number of articles. Since several people on
the list are interested in the subject I take the liberty of passing on
the announcement below. My thanks to Jerry Goodenough for bringing the
information to my attention.

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Date: Thu, 01 Jun 1995 15:22:42 BST
Subject: Synaesthesia

Nabokovians who are interested in the phenomenon of synaesthesia, and the
role it played in the life and work of VN, may like to know that an
interdisciplinary discussion list devoted to the topic of synaesthesia
is now in the process of being established. Requests for further details
or to be added to the list should be addressed to Sean Day at the
e-address below.

Jerry Goodenough
Philosophy Sector
School of Economic & Social Studies
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ

> From: (Sean Day)
> I would like to formally announce the inception of The
> Synesthesia List. The address is:
> The Synesthesia List is a (lightly) monitored list for the
> (scholarly) discussion of synesthesia and related topics
> such as perception, language, semiotics, cognition,
> neurology, psychology, anthropology, biology, philosophy,
> .... It also provides a forum for Q's & A's about one's own
> or/and others' synesthesiae. The list is open to the
> "general public" as well as to academes and other
> "professionals", with the intent of interfacing all groups
> towards both cross-"disciplinary" dialogs and "popularizing"
> (that is, making accessible to the populace) research and
> ideas.
> I am now "soliciting" members onto the list, and wonder
> if you and/or "yours" would be interested in having your
> names added. In addition, if you know of others who might
> be interested, please mention them to me for immediate
> adding to the list or for contact to inquire if they wish to
> be on the list.
> Sean A. Day, monitor Sean A. Day
> The Synesthesia List Dept. of English
> -- Linguistics
> Purdue University
> West Lafayette, IN
> 47907
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