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VN Bibliography
There are reports of two new Russian books on Nabokov.

1) Alexander Dolinin reports a volume by Vadim Linetzkii called
_Anti-Bakhtin, ili luchshaya kniga o Nabokove_ (Against Bakhtin, or,
the Best Book about Nabokov_). Although the book was, I gather,
publisher in the CIS, the author is reportedly in the U.S. If anyone
knows more about the author or his book, please inform NABOKV-L.

2) Professor Aleksandr Mikhailovich Luksemburg (Rostov-na-Donu) is
reportedly completing a manuscript which he calls _Magister Ludi: Aspects
of Intricate Play with the Reader in Nabokov's Fiction_. If any Nabokov-L
subscribers know of Prof. Luksemburg or his work, please (again) inform

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