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Re: Olympia Press Lolita (fwd)
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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 13:38:20 EST5EDT
From: Eric ROMAN <>

I might be off base about the Olympia Press edition sold by Daedalus
books & another remaindering house; However, I believe I may have
an explanation for the resurgence of these copies.
Girodias died last year. I suspect he never really pay attention
to lots of details; copies he had printed years ago could have been
sitting in a warehouse somewhere.
His estate--most likely a very complex one, involving lots of
important books by well-known authors would have taken time to sort
out, especially if the French state is inviolved-- and probably what
is left of the press have probably just been liquidated finally. Such
an occurence might explain the appearance of those copies this year.

I had called Daedalus and the employee assured me the books were
with green wrappers. The question is whether these books were 1959
printings or much later reprints on similar plates.
I bought other copies from another remaindering house. When they
arrived I was surprized to read that they might be 4th or 5th
printings. the wrappers were decorated with the stainglass