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Olympia Press Lolita
EDITOR'S NOTE: A sharp-eyed subscriber noticed what may be the Olympia
edition of Lolita in a Daedalus mail order catalogue at about $6 for the
two-volumes. Michael Juliar, author of the definitive VN bibliography,
called the store and offers the information below. All subscribers should
take note that the following is based upon what the Daedalus clerk told
Michael Juliar over the phone. It all seems a bit unlikely. If anyone has
actually looked at the edition, NABOKV-L would appreciate further
information. DBJ

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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 10:43:36 EST

i just called up daedalus books and ordered the 'lolita'
they have in stock. the sales person told me that it is
not a reprint of the olympia press edition but an actual
copy of the 4th printing, 1959, olympia press edition. if
that is so (and i won't know for sure until my copy arrives
and i can examine it), it is rather amazing that a quantity
of the printing has surfaced 40 years later. i wonder what
its source is.

michael juliar