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NYPL Nabokov collection (fwd)
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Dear Mr. McShane:

Just a brief note to update you as to the status of the Berg Collection's
Nabokov Papers.

A published checklist exists: New In the Berg Collection, 1991-1993, which is
available in the Library's gift shop for $9.95, or by mail from the
Publications Office, 8 West 40th Street for an additional $3.00 p/h (include
sales tax).

Since October of 1993, all of Nabokov's literary manuscripts have been
cataloged and are available to scholars. There was a notice the Nabokovian to
this effect.

Presently, approximately half of the butterfly materials have been cataloged.
About 75% of Nabokov's correspondence with publishers have been processed, but
the cards have not yet been filed in the Berg shelflist, however, the
correspondence is available upon request. Hopefully, the balance of this
correspondence will be cataloged by year's end.

Nabokov's correspondence with individuals has NOT yet been cataloged, but with
few exceptions, can made available upon request. Various galleys, page proofs,
etc. are also uncataloged, but unavailable. Many of the books in his private
library, many of which are annotated, are also available in RLIN. Search
under: Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich--Provenance.

A small amount of material, mostly on chess, and some Russian-language
material, is restricted, requiring prior permission. By the way, I think once
you mentioned that a Swedish research was turned away. This is untrue--there
was some material to which she wanted access in one of the restricted
collections, and Nabokov's literary agent denied permission. She had full
access to all other cataloged materials, however.

I hope this brings you up to date on where Nabokov processing stands.

R. Davis
Slavic and Baltic Division, NYPL