Vladimir Nabokov

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Call for Papers: Nabokov, Narrative, Intrertextuality
Call for Papers: Nabokov, Narrative, Intertextuality

This call for papers arrives at rather short notice and at the beginning of the
holiday season, for which I apologize.

I am seeking very brief abstracts (150-200 words) for the VN panel at the
annual meeting of the American Literature Association (Baltimore, Maryland,
May 26-28). The general focus of the panel is "Nabokov, Narrative,
Intertextuality." While I am particularly interested in abstracts that
discuss VN's allusions to popular narrative genres--romance, detective
story, Western, comic strip, fairy tale, etc.--any abstract related to the
general topic will be welcome.

Please send abstracts by email (sweeney@hcacad.holycross.edu), fax
(508-793-3030), or post (S.E. Sweeney, English Dept., Holy Cross College,
Worcester MA 01610). Deadline: Thursday, Jan. 12, 1995.
Questions: 508-793-2690.

--Susan Elizabeth Sweeney, Holy Cross College