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"John Ray, Jr." = Martin Amis??
Editor's Note: Jerry Goodenough (J.GOODENOUGH@UEA.AC.UK) provides the
following gem.
I have just today come across the review for
Michael Wood's *The Magician's Doubts* in the *London Review of Books* for 6
October (I am well behind in my reading!) and it includes the following:

"In the case of the Everyman *Lolita* [published in hardback here about
a year ago or less] somebody seems to have had a rush of blood to the head; in
my copy Martin Amis's Introduction doesn't precede but actually replaces the
Foreword by John Ray Jr, Ph.D., Nabokov's taunting impersonation of a
suavely clueless psychiatrist. It's as if an editor looked at the book and
thought, we don't need this John Ray geezer - Martin Amis is _much_ more

I don't know if the new Everyman hardback series is published in the US and I
can't verify the above as my local bookstore only has the Penguin paperback
complete with Ray's foreword. Perhaps someone on the list might be able to
confirm this? (I suspect VN might have been amused at Ray's being taken for a
real person!)

Best Wishes
Jerry Goodenough
University of East Anglia