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Liquidation of Slavic Dept. U. of Washington
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Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 14:57:53 -0800 (PST)
From: James Augerot <bigjim@u.washington.edu>

The University of Washington Department of Slavic Languages and
Literatures, for reasons having to do with a foolish state initiative
that prevents the Legislature from appropriating new funds without a
two-thirds majority, is slated for elimination from the university this
academic year. The process will involve a review that is to take place in
the next 90 days. We need your help. If any of the readers of this list
has any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, based on your professional
contacts with our students, faculty, alums over the years, that we are
in fact a viable, going concern, unique in a large area of the United
States (you have to cross at least one and in some directions two or
three states to find a PhD granting institution in our field) we would
appreciate your letting our administrators know about it. We would really
like to see a ton of mail inundate the Dean's office. We currently have
about 200 undergraduates in our Russian courses, 30 graduate students and
11 faculty members. We also have enrolments of from 7 to 22 in each of our
Polish, Serbian-Croatian, Czech and Romanian courses. We cannot believe
that we were selected for elimination and are awaiting information about
the criteria used for putting us on the chopping block. Meanwhile, the
pertinent addresses are:
snail mail e-mail
President William Gerberding 301 Administration AH-30 wpg@u.washington.edu
Acting Provost David Thorud 301 Administration AH-30 thorud@ "
Acting Dean John Simpson 63 Communications DS-65 simpson@ "
all at: University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195

I'm actually embarrassed making such a plea, but the situation is quite
serious. I thank anyone who might help us. I should add that the lecturer
position we had advertised is, of course, suspended until we fight our
way out of this.

jim augerot slavic dp-32 uw 98195 fax: 206-543-9285 tel: 206-543-6848