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Nice II: Nabokov conference (fwd)
=09Maurice Couturier, organizer of the very successful Nabokov=20
conference in Nice (June 1992), has arranged a second conference to take=20
place in June of 1995. The preliminary program is given below.=20
Presentations are by invitation only, but auditors are welcome. The latter=
must, however, inform Professor Couturier of their intention to attend well=
=09Professor Couturier may be reached at the e-mail address below or as=20
follows: Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, CRELA, Faculte des Lettres et=
Sciences Humaines, 98, bd. E. Herriot, B.P. 209-06204, Nice. Cedex 3. Fax=
93 37 5535.

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Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 11:30:15 -0100
From: Maurice Couturier <couturier@unice.fr>

June 22, 23, 24, 1995
"Nabokov: At the Crossroads of Modernism and Postmodernism"
(Program as of October 22, 1994)

Vladimir E. Alexandrov, Yale: "Lolita and Hermeneutic Indices."

Ren=E9 Alladaye, University of Toulouse: (no definite title yet).

Robert Alter, University of California at Berkeley: (no definite title yet;
something on Joyce and Nabokov).

Gennady Barabtarlo, University of Missouri-Columbia: "The Horseless
Headsman: A Common Paradox in Joyce and Nabokov."

Brian Boyd, University of Auckland, New Zealand: "Words, Works and Worlds
in Joyce and Nabokov: or Intertextuality, Intratextuality, Supratextuality,
Infratextuality, Egotextuality and Extratextuality in Modernist and
Pre-Postmodernist Narrative Discourse."

Julian W. Connolly, University of Virginia: "Cincinnatus and Diff=E9rance:
Subversive Discourse in Invitation to a Beheading."

Maurice Couturier, University of Nice: "Nabokov's vs. Joyce's Censorship."

Alexander A. Dolinin, Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg,
University of Wisconsin-Madison: "Caning of Modernist Profaners: Parody in

Daniel Ferrer, CNRS: "Intentio lectoris in Nabokov and Joyce."

Suzanne Fraysse, Universite de Rouen: (no definite title yet)

Herbert Grabes, Universite of Giessen: "Modernism into Postmodernism:
Nabokov's Examplary Fictions."

Jane Grayson, University of London: (no definite title yet)

Geoffrey Greeen, University of San Francisco: "Beyond Modernism and
Postmodernism: Vladimir Nabokov's Fiction of Transcendent Perspective."

D. Barton Johnson, University of California in Santa Barbara: "Nabokov and
the Sixties."

Simon Karlinsky, University of California at Berkeley: "Nabokov and Certain
Poets of Russian Modernism."

Laurent Milesi, University of Wales, Swansea: "Dead on Time? Nabokov's
Modo-Post to the Letter."

David Lodge, novelist: (to be announced later )

Stephen Jan Parker, University of Kansas: "'Our Nabokov': Reception and
Perceptions in Post-Perestroika Russia."

Ellen Pifer, University of Delaware: "Birds of a Different Feather: Nabokov
and Kosinski in the Postwar Period."

Jean-Michel Rabat=E9, University of Pennsylvania: "Incestuish Salacities
Among Gerontophils: Ada's Wake."

Christine Raguet-Bouvart, University of Bordeaux: (no definite title yet;
something on Finnegans Wake and "The Vane Sisters", perhaps).

David Rampton, University of Ottawa: (no definite title yet; something on
the postmodernity of Nabokov, in Lyotard's sense).

Robert Scholes, Brown University: "Reading Nabokov Reading Joyce."

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney, College of the Holy Cross: "The V-Shaped Paradigm:
Nabokov and Pynchon."

Pekka Tammi, University of Tampere, Finland: "Echoes: Pale Fire and
Foucault's Pendulum."

Leona Toker, The Hebrew University, Israel: "The Fragmentation of Reality
in Nabokov's Fiction."

(a few more papers are expected)
Professor Maurice Couturier
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