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Loli(ta)Pop Culture
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Several recent references to VN in popular culture:

In an article in _Details_ magazine (October 95) on the genesis of
hyperfiction, VN does not appear in the text, but the computerized text of
_Lolita_ is superimposed on the surface of a book in the photograph
accompanying the article.

In a _Rolling Stone_ magazine interview (August 25, 1995), singer Nick Cave
is asked what he thinks every high-school kid should read; he responds: 'They
should read the Bible, they should read _Lolita_. They should stop reading
Bukowski, and they should stop listening to people who tell them to read

A new song by the singer/songwriter Freedy (yes, two Es) Johnston ("Delores"
[sic], from the album "This Perfect World") repeatedly refers to the Kubrick
film of _Lolita_. The song begins: "Delores was her middle name/ She'd read
the book and everything/ Now I know how old I am/ Have you ever seen that
film?" and includes lines like "paint her lovely toenails red" and "I look
like James Mason's ghost".