Vladimir Nabokov

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Champlain passenger manifest
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 1994 08:50:16 -0800 (PDT)
From: Brian Gross <briang@hpsadwd.sr.hp.com>

Hello Nabokovians!

By way of introduction I am a reader of Nabokov with a love of Nabokov's
writing and an interest in things Nabokovian.

A few years ago, while doing some research in the National Archives I
decided (on somewhat of a lark) to find the passenger manifest for
the Champlain. My search for the manifest had only a small Nabokovian
twist (the directory was blank where the Nabokov entry should have been,
forcing me to guess the location of the correct manifest).

I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share the information from
the manifest with other Nabokovians.

Here is my transcription of the information on the Nabokovs from the

Brian Gross
Notes: I've exchanged columns in the original manifest for rows in this
version due to the limitations of this medium.
< > Contain my own comments or clarifications.
<""> Is a substitute for -"- on the original manifest. Denotes
duplication of information horizontally on this transcription.
[..] Denotes my removal of a section of text.
[ ] Contain my best guess as to an illegible word.
All other notation, capitaization etc. is reproduced exactly as on the
original manifest.


ALL ALIENS arriving at a port of continental United States from a foreign
port or a part of the insular possessions of the United States, and all
aliens arriving at a port of said insular possessions from a foreign
port, a port of continental United States, or a port of another insular
possession, in whatsoever class they travel, MUST be fully listed and
the master or commanding officer of each vessel carrying such passengers
must upon arrival deliver lists thereof to the immigrant inspector.

This (white) sheet for the listing of THIRD-CLASS PASSENGERS ONLY

S.S. "CHAMPLAIN". Passengers sailing from Saint Nazaire (France),
May 19th, 1940 Arriving at Port of NEW-YORK (U.S.A.), May 27, 1940.

< Entry for>
<Vladimir> <Vera> <Dmitri>

No. on List 3 4 5
Head Tax Status < Blank > < Blank > UNDER 16
Family Name NABOKOFF <sic> <""> <"">
Given Name Vladimir Vera Dimitri <sic>
Yrs. 41 38 6
Mos. < Blank > < Blank > < Blank >
Sex M F M
Married or Single M M S
Calling or Occupation Author H/Wife None
Able to-
Read Y Y Y
Read what language [...] French-Engl <""> Russian
Russian <"">
Write Y Y Y
Nationality. (Country of
which citizen or subject) Without <""> <"">
Race or people Russian Hebrew Russian
Place of birth
Country Russia <""> Germany
City or town, State,
Province or District St Petersburg <""> Berlin
Immigration Visa, Passport
Visa or Reentry Permit
number (Prefix number with
QIV, NQIV, PV or RP and give
section of act involved) QIV 2525 QIV 2526 QIV 2527
Place Paris <""> <"">
Date 4/23/40 <""> <"">
Data concerning landings, etc. < Blank > < Blank > < Blank >
Last permanent address
Country France <""> <"">

City or town, State,
Province or District Paris <""> <"">
The name and address or nearest Cousin: <""> <"">
relative or friend in country Anna Feigin
whence alien came, or if none 9 Ave Alphonse XIII
there, then in country of which Paris, France
citizen or subject.
Final Destination
Foreign Country via (port
of departure) -- -- --
In U.S.A., its territories
or possessions
State Mass <""> <"">
City or town Brookline <""> <"">
Whether having a ticket to
such final destination No No No
By whom was passage paid? Self <""> Father
Whether in possession of $50
and if less, how much? Y Y Y
<Note: A hand written notation appears for all passengers answering "Y". The
notation appears to read $600 for the Nabokovs, although it may read
Whether ever before in the
United States, and if so,
when and where?
Yes or No No No No
If Yes -
Year or period of years -- -- --
Where? -- -- --
Date of last departure -- -- --
Whether going to join a Friend: <""> <"">
relative or friend; state Serge Donnevitsky
name and complete address, and 88 Druce Str.
if relative, exact relationship. Brookline, Mass
Purpose in coming to United States
Whether alien intends to
return to country [...] No <""> <"">
Length of time alien intends
to remain in the United States Perm <""> <"">
Whether alien intends to become
a citizen of the United States Y Y Y
Ever in prison [...] no no no
Whether a polygamist no no no
Whether and anarchist no no no
Whether a person who believes
in or advocates the overthrow
of the Government of the United
States or all forms of law, etc.
[...] no no no
Whether [entering] by means
of any offer [...] to labor in
the United States no no no
Whether arrested and deported
at any time no no no
Condition of health, mental and
physical good good good
Deformed or crippled. [...] no no no
Feet 5 5 4
Inches 8 6 5
Complexion fair <""> <"">
Color of -
Hair brn fair <"">
Eyes grn gry gry
Marks of identification None <""> <"">