Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography
1) Ellen Pifer, "The Incomplete Metamorphosis of LOLITA: From Novel to
Screenplay and Film," in _La Litterature Anglo-Americaine a L'Ecran_, ed.
Gerard Hugues & Daniel Royot. Cahiers et Documents 12. (Paris: Didier
Erudition, 1993), pp. 125-134.
2) The new SLAVIC REVIEW (v. 53, #2: Summer 1994) has two items of interest.
A. Priscilla Meyer reviews David Rampton's VLADIMIR NABOKOV (NY: St.
Martin's Press, 1993), pp. 571-573.
B. Olga Peters Hasty reviews a trio of books including_RUSSIAN EYES ON
AMERICAN LITERATURE_, eds. S. Chakovsky & M. Thomas Inge, (Jackson: Un.
Press of Mississippi & the Gorky Institute, 1992), p. 583. The volume
includes Nikolai Anastas'ev's "The Tower and Around: A View
of Vladimir Nabokov." I have not seen this yet, but suspect it may be
from Anastas'ev's _FENOMON NABOKOVA_ (The Nabokov Phenomenon), the first
Russian monograph on Nabokov, which is reviewed in NABOKOV STUDIES #1. If
so, the article may be of interest to non-Russian-reading Nabokovians who
want to know something of how a well-known Russian critic sees VN.