Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography
Abdellah Bouazza of the Netherlands has called two interesting items to
my attention:

1) An article by Mary Davis, "Cortazar y Nabokov: La Estetica del Extasis,"
in a volume apparently entitled HOMENAJE A JULIO CORTAZAR, ed. Helmy F.
2) He refers to a second article. In the current issue of CRITIQUE, there
is a comparative study of THE REAL LIFE OF SEBASTIAN KNIGHT and Mario
Vargas Llosa's recent THE REAL LIFE OF ??. If anyone has the full
citation, please send it to NABOKV-L.
3) Mr. Bouazza has also come up with a remarkable coincidence: "Wallace
Steven's poem, "Variations on a Summer DAy," has these lambently
Nabokovsque lines":
"..... The Moon follows the sun like a French
Translation of a Russian poet."

The poem was published in 1939.