Vladimir Nabokov

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MLA VN '94
The details on the "open" session on VN are now available. At a later
date I shall be running abstracts of the papers.
Session: Vladimir Nabokov: Varia
Time: Tuesday, 27 December 1994. 3:30-4:45
Place: San Diego Ballroom C, San Diego Marriot

Program arranged by the Vladimir Nabokov Society.
Presiding: D. Barton Johnson, University of California at Santa Barbara

1. "The Monstrous Semblance of a Nabokov Novel: Hypertext and PALE FIRE,"
James F. English, Un. of Pennsylvania
2. "Nabokov's ADA and Melville's PIERRE," Suellen Stringer-Hye, Texas
A&M, College Station
3. "Blending Fiction and Fact: Nabokov's Painterly Definition of
Autobiographical Truth," Jodi Kilcup, Un. of Alaska, Anchorage
4. "That Butterfly in Nabokov's EYE," D. Barton Johnson