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The Field Archive (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Roy Johnson has run down and sent the contents of the
Field VN Archive that Sotheby's is auctioning on July 19. It is catalogue
lot 205. My thanks to Roy JOhnson. DBJ

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Date: Fri, 15 Jul 94 11:00:02 CET

I have managed to get hold of details of the Field archive.
This is a summary. N=Nabokov, F=Field, V=Vera Nabokov,
NLA=*Nabokov:his life in art*, NLP=*N:his life in part*.

1. 23 typed lets from N to F, w additions by V, expounding his
attitude to F's biography and comments on 'his invisible life',
N's high opinion of Salinger and Updike, success of *Ada*,
and pre-marital love affairs, c 30pp, 1967 to 1973.

2. Explanations and corrections to NLA (signed by N and V)

3. Corrections on galleys of NLA by V, 12pp.

4. Corrections on galleys to NLA by V, 9pp.

5. Corrections for transl of excerpts from N's article on
Hodasevich (signed by V), 1p.

6. Notes on photographs of the N lands in the St Petersburg
region (signed VN), 2p.

7. Typed carbons of notes in folder 'Copy II N's Critical
Comments on NLP,' 181pp.

8. 'Corrections added by Sergey S. N and me for Ch III of
NLP', 6pp.

9. Typed carbons of NLP (second version) with N's corrections
and notes, 25pp.

10. Telegram from N to F, expressing appreciation for help in
publishing his father's book *The Provisional Government*.

11. Photocopies of N's letters to his mother, with excisions by N
(and removed salutation).

12. Photocopies from N's diary supplied by N to F, 34pp.

13. F's letter to N re NLP, 1p.

14. 8 letters by V to F, with her comments on the biography, 15
pp, 1968 to 1973.

15. Annotated typescripts of first draft and final version of NLP.

16. Several folders of notes, legal correspondence, index cards,
photographs, and other material.

The catalogue note adds:

"This is possibly the finest Nabokov archive to have come up for
sale ... Besides all else, the collection makes clear not only the
intensity of the N/F quarrel, but also N's high estimation of Field in
happier times, both matters which have not before been made fully

Estimate 8,000-12,000 pounds