Vladimir Nabokov

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The Spring 1994 number (#32) of THE NABOKOVIAN is now out. The
current issue (88pp) includes Steve parker's round up of news of the
profession, conference paper abstracts, and a number of useful research
aids: 1) Brian Boyd's continuing "Annotations to ADA: 3, Part I, Chapter 3";
2) Robert Bowie's "BEND SINISTER Annotations: Chapter Seven and Shakespeare";
3) Roy Flannagan & Edward Malone's "Nabokov in Letters: An Annotated
Bibliography," consisting of references to VN in the correspondence of
various literary luminaries; 4) Peter Evan's bibliographic "Nabokov in Japan:
1985-1992". J. Morris offers a close comparison of the NEW YORKER's edited
version of "Signs and Symbols" and VN's own subsequent printed version,
while D. Barton Johnson provides a note on "Nabokov's Poetry in Occupied
Russia: 1943." Not to be missed is Gene Barabtarlo's account of an
IZVESTIA report of an 1994 excavation at Vyra and at the Nabokov Petersburg
mansion in a treasure hunt based on clues from PALE FIRE. [The excavation
of King Tut's tomb pales by comparison---DBJ.] Also of note is an account
of the Andrew Field libel suit against a London journalist and paper for
remarks about Field's VN biography.
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