Vladimir Nabokov

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Bibliography: Brodsky/VN
David Bethea's _Joseph Brodsky and the Creation of Exile_ is just out
(Princeton UP) ISBN 0-691-06773-2.
Brodsky, the current U.S. poet laureate (and Nobel laureate),
offers an instructive parallel to VN, the only other Russian-English
bi-lingual writer to become a major presence on the American literary
scene. In his attempt to define Brodsky's "voice" Professor Bethea
considers Brodsky in relation to several other Russian and English poets
and, lastly, to Nabokov. The comparison is the subject of the book's
final chapter "Exile as Pupation: Genre and Bilingualism in the Works of
Nabokov and Brodsky." Much of the last has already appeared in Russian,
but this is the first English appearance. DBJ