Vladimir Nabokov

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Anna Gavrilova (fwd)
NABOKV-L now has a Russian subscriber--Anna Gavrilova, a chemistry student
at Moscow State University. I am forwarding her note in hopes that one of
our American subscribers might enjoy establishing a direct E-mail
connection with her.

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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 22:53:08 MSD
From: Anna Gavrilova <gavrilov@aeiveos.uucp.free.msk.su>
To: chtodel@humanitas.ucsb.edu
Subject: Response from Anna Gavrilova

April 18, 1994

Dear Mr. Johnson,
I was very glad to receive your message and was surprised to learn that I was
the first subscriber from CIS. The thing is that there are people in Russia
whose interest in Nabokov is quite professional (I could mention Vladimir
Solouhin, Ivan Tolstoy and Nabokov's translator Il'in) and mine is not.
However it may be even stronger. Unfortunately I know nothing about the
research work on Nabokov except for trivial prefaces to his books and I
have never met anyone to whom Nabokov meant what he meant for me (though I
feel that such people must exist). That's why I'm extremely interested in this
As for my personal interest in Nabokov I would appreciate any information
about Nabokov's verse (English and Russian if found) and short stories. I know
'Russian Nabokov' quite well and I wish I could discuss it with someone
interested (especially 'The Gift'). As for 'English Nabokov' I'm interested in
'The real life of Sebastian Knight' and 'Pnin' as well as in 'Speak, memory'.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Gavrilva Anna, 17, student of Chemical Dep. Moscow State University.