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The Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov (fwd)
Many of you know that Vladimir Alexandrov (Yale) has been engaged in the
monumental labor of putting together a handbook on Nabokov and his work--a
sort of vade mecum to all of his writings and related matters.
Contributors include many leading Nabokov specialists. This project is now
nearing completion, and Prof. Alexandrov has sent NABOKV-L the table of
contents and other information. NABOKV-L will provide ordering information
as soon as it becomes available. DBJ

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Date: Sat, 2 Apr 1994 06:39:58 -0400 (EST)
From: Vladimir Alexandrov <vladimir@minerva.cis.yale.edu>
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Subject: The Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov.

Below is the table of contents for THE GARLAND COMPANION TO
VLADIMIR NABOKOV, Edited by Vladimir E. Alexandrov, forthcoming in 1994. I
don't know what the price will be, except that it will be steep (at the
beginning of this whole project years ago talk was of $75; by now it
probably has gone up). The length of the entire book is some 375,000
words, or approximately 1,750 pp. TS.

Table of Contents
Editor's Introduction
List of Contributors
Note on References and Abbreviations
Note on Transliteration

ARTICLES Title, Author

Chronology of Nabokov's Life and Works, Brian Boyd

Ada, Brian Boyd
Ania v strane chudes, Julian W. Connolly
Bend Sinister, John Burt Foster, Jr.
Bilingualism, Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour
Chess and Chess Problems, Janet Gezari
Correspondence, John Kopper
Critical Reception, Stephen Jan Parker
The Defense, Vladimir E. Alexandrov
Despair, Sergej Davydov
English Short Stories, Gennady Barabtarlo
Eugene Onegin, Alexander Dolinin
The Eye, D. Barton Johnson
The Gift, Alexander Dolinin
Glory, Pekka Tammi
A Hero of Our Time, William Mills Todd III
Humor, Clarence Brown
Invitation to a Beheading, Sergej Davydov
King, Queen, Knave, Julian W. Connolly
Laughter in the Dark, Julian W. Connolly
Lectures on Don Quixote, Harry Levin
Lectures on Literature, Joseph Frank
Lectures on Russian Literature, Hugh McLean
Lepidoptera Studies, Charles L. Remington,
Library, Stephen Jan Parker
Literary Return to Russia, Aleksei Zverev
Lolita, Ellen Pifer
Lolita in Russian, Alexander Dolinin
Look at the Harlequins!, D. Barton Johnson
Manuscripts, Brian Boyd
Mary, Dieter Zimmer
Nabokov and Bely, Vladimir E. Alexandrov
Nabokov and Bergson, Leona Toker
Nabokov and Blok, David M. Bethea
Nabokov and Chateaubriand, Annapaola Cancogni
Nabokov and Chekhov, Simon Karlinsky
Nabokov and Dostoevsky, Georges Nivat
Nabokov and Evreinov, Vladimir E. Alexandrov
Nabokov and Flaubert, Maurice Couturier
Nabokov and Freud, Jenefer Shute
Nabokov and Gogol, Donald Fanger
Nabokov and Gumilev, Vladimir E. Alexandrov
Nabokov and Joyce, Julian Moynahan
Nabokov and Kafka, John Burt Foster, Jr.
Nabokov and Khodasevich, David M. Bethea
Nabokov and Poe, Dale Peterson
Nabokov and Proust, John Burt Foster, Jr.
Nabokov and Pushkin, Sergej Davydov
Nabokov and Shakespeare: The English Works, Herbert Grabes
Nabokov and Shakespeare: The Russian Works, Samuel Schuman
Nabokov and Tolstoy, John Burt Foster, Jr.
Nabokov and Some Turn of the Century English Writers, Jonathan B.Sisson
Nabokov, Updike, and American Literature, Aleksei Zverev
Nabokov and Uspensky, Vladimir E. Alexandrov
Nature and Artifice, Vladimir E. Alexandrov
Nikolka Persik, Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour
Notes on Prosody, Gerald S. Smith
The Otherworld, Vladimir E. Alexandrov
Pale Fire, Pekka Tammi
Plays, Galya Diment
Pnin, Gennady Barabtarlo
Poetry, Barry Scherr
Politics, Charles Nicol
Poshlost, Sergej Davydov
The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, Jonathan B. Sisson
Russian Short Stories, Mikhail Meilakh and Nataliia Tolstaia
The Song of Igor's Campaign, Harvey Goldblatt
Speak, Memory, Georges Nivat
Strong Opinions, Galya Diment
Style, David M. Bethea
Teaching, Charles Nicol
Three Russian Poets, Galya Diment
Translation and Self-Translation, Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour
Transparent Things, D. Barton Johnson
Uncollected Critical Writings, Galya Diment

Bibliography of Nabokov's Works Cited
Bibliography of Other Works Cited