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In response to D. J.'s invitation to share what we are doing:
I am a graduate student at the Unviersity of Maine, and am
presently doing an independent project on Nabokov using
reader-response criticism; though not in the typical r-r
vein. I am exploring the ways Nabokov effects reader through
his language games and metafictive devices... especially in
_Despair_ and _Pale Fire_. For instance, how do readers feel
when they are told their favorite part of a poem they haven't
begun to read?
By the way, this is now dated... but on February 16 we celebrated
the 35th anniversary of Shade's and Kinbote's fated meeting.
Shade suggests (laconically) that Kinbote try the pork, and
Kinbote declines (being a vegetarian).

Kurt Scaletta