Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography
Brian Boyd provides the following new citations:

1) The French translation of his VN biography contains minor revisions and
substantial additions, especially in Chapters 3 & 5. VLADIMIR NABOKOV. I.
LES ANNEES RUSSES. Tr. Phillippe Delamre. Paris: Gallimard, 1992.
2) Brian Boyd, "Nabokov and Tolstoy". SCRIPSI (Melbourne, Australia)
9:1, 1993, 139-56.
3) The same issue of SCRIPSI also carries an article by Peter Robinson,
"The Rape of Dolly Haze: On Rorty on Nabokov," pp. 161-83.
4) Matei Calinescu, REREADING. (New Haven: Yale UP, 1993) discusses PALE
FIRE on pp. 123-33 and VN on rereading at various points.

On the lighter side, Boyd notes that "A British Sunday newspaper
(The Independent or the Sunday Times?) on 23 January ran a story on famous
goalkeepers. VN was represented by a photo of him in his 70's!" Also noted:
"...in the new translation of Proust, Nabokov's comments on Proust are
placed at the head of the dust-jacket blurb in the US edition, but do not
feature at all in the UK edition (a typical difference); and in the ne
Mandelbaum tranlsation of Ovid, the blurb begins by referring to Ovid as a
Nabokovian writer. Interesting to see that Nabokov can now give kudos to
Ovid and Proust."