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Re: PNIN query; reply to David Moon (fwd)
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Date: Mon, 7 Feb 1994 13:01:17 EST
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Subject: Re: PNIN query; reply to David Moon

I certainly agree with David Moon that there is a beauty in the
alliteration and the vowel-modulation of "languid Eileen Lane," and
that this was probably one of Nabokov's reasons for letting her join
Pnin's class. But my argument was that "languid" was a vital part of
her appellation, and I disagree that "Eileen Lane" by itself conjures
up the languor that appears once the adjective is imposed. By
itself, Eileen Lane is no more languid than Eileen Farrell or Lois
Lane as a name. Through the use of poetic devices, the name has
picked up the qualities of the adjective. With only minor apologies,
since after all he accused me--me!--of being overly deconstructive, I
shall use the following examples to see whether the name appears to
acquire the qualities of the poetically connected adjective:

mundane David Moon
moody David Moon
demon-driven David Moon

All in fun,
charming Charles Nicol