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Re: Nabokv-L Subscribers (fwd)
I take the liberty of replying to Mr. Ficklen's note below. He raises
some important points. It is true that I would like to see NABOKV-L become
more (ugh) "interactive." By this, I have in view the exchange of
information and well-informed opinions. I am not entirely averse to "chat,"
but it should be focused and relevant to VN. The most valuable function of
the list, it seems to me, should be providing information on current
VN scholarship.
A final thought: please make a clear distinction between
personal messages to me (and me alone) and material for the list. Mail to
me should go to my CHTODEL address; to the list--NABOKV-L. If you wish to
respond privately to a list message, please send your reply DIRECT to the
originator. Editor

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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 09:40:21 CST
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In terms of the list becoming more interactive, it would be nice to hear
what specifically of Nabokov is being read by folks out there. Or re-read.

Personally, I've never been sure if the etiquette of this list precludes
chattiness. Some lists are all business and discourage chat of any kind.
Others are mostly all chat. I'd love to see more chat here, myself, but I
am, by nature, chatty.

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Ted Ficklen
University of Missouri - St Louis


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