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Re: In Progress... (fwd)
The following is the first of what I hope will be many reports on what
sort of work on VN our subscribers are doing. My thanks to Bradley Amos. DBJ

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Dear ListMembers:
Some months back, DBJ suggested that a comparison of Nabokov and
Burgess might be a good idea. Well, I've been trying to formulate some
kind of scheme that would sustain *Enderby* and our own beloved *Pale
Fire*. I've only set it up this far (and I'm not even sure I'll stick to
this track/theme): whereas the gassy Enderby tries to channel his
experience into a poetic form, Shade's poem acts as a catalyst that
releases Kinbote's memories/experiences. That is, poetry has a different
function for each author. Not much, eh? However, I am
constantly turning the two texts over and over in my head (Hmmm...perhaps
this is the problem) searching for the scheme that will make the most
sense out of both texts. Thanks, DBJ, for suggesting *Enderby*; it's a
wonderful work and is 'Nabokovesque'.

I'm thankful for a list (this one!) dedicated to exchanging
information about my recently-discovered favorite author and probable
dissertation subject--it's my last semester of course work--but the fact
is that I have only read *Pale Fire*, *Lolita*, *Pnin*, *Tyrants Destroyed*
(I think), and half of *Ada*--a fraction of VN's works. I've a lot of
reading to do of VN, and tons of scholarship. So, I'm not particularly
qualified to offer helpful or clarifying comments; I lurk and ask a few
questions here and there (which have been graciously answered: thanks to
you all). In fact, I'll ask another one now: Is the Russian language
necessary for a complete understanding of VN? If so, can I have it
injected directly into my brain rather than trudging to Russ.101 at 7am on
MTWTh? Perhaps there is some kind of greaseless scalp ointment?

Thanks. . .
Bradley Amos