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More on Nabokov and Fitzgerald:

In his connections with (primarily) Edmund Wilson and
(secondarily) Morris Bishop, Nabokov found himself in a hotbed of
Fitzgerald friends and fans. I have argued in the last section of my
article on "The Assistant Producer" (in A SMALL ALPINE FORM: STUDIES
IN NABOKOV'S SHORT FICTION, edited by Gene Barabtarlo and myself,
Garland, please purchase) that its title is partially a reference to
Fitzgerald's LAST TYCOON, an uncompleted novel that, like Nabokov's
story, is concerned with the movies. Wilson's edition of
Fitzgerald's novel appeared at the end of 1941, and, incidentally,
also included a reissue of GREAT GATSBY. While this edition
apparently was not a part of Nabokov's later library, I suspect it
was the one he read. --Charles Nicol