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nabokovian scholarship (fwd)
Editor's Note re the following message: Brian Boyd's VLADIMIR NABOKOV: THE
RUSSIAN YEARS (vol. I) and THE AMERICAN YEARS (vol. II) are certainly the
place to start. As for criticism, subscribers may wish to respond directly
to Charles Amos. If subscribers wish, they may direct their
recommendations to the net. Remember, however, that at least a third of
the 75 subscribers have written books and articles about Nabokov. There
are well over 50 volumes of criticism plus the many dozens of articles
every year from circa 1955 onward. Drawing up a short BASIC bibliography
of VN criticism might be a worthwhile endeavor. Just out of curiosity, I
wonder how many NABOKV-L subscribers teach Nabokov classes?

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Dear ListMembers:

Suppose one wanted to become a Nabokovian scholar; what are the
primary scholarly studies of Nabokov's work one would begin reading?
Who are the foremost scholars? There is so much secondary literature it's
hard to know where to begin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Absolutely enthralled after reading *Pale Fire*,
Bradley Amos