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Centennial Plans (fwd)
From: "Sandy P. Klein" <>

VN Centennial plans, which seem to be growing "NE PO DNYAM A PO CHASAM",
now include a movable fete, including an exhibition of various material,
and dramatic readings/ It is being mounted by Dr. Daniela Rippi of
Munich, who would like it to tour various European cities and St.
Petersburg. Input will come from, among others, Dieter Zimmer and
Dmitri Nabokov, who will have a preliminary meeting with her in Berlin
after the Arte Film evening. It might be interesting to coordinate in
those cities already planning events.

Daniela Rippi can be reached at the following:

Office FAX --- 49 89 233 23792
Office Phone-- 49 89 233 23824
Home FAX ----- 49 211 691 4946