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Re: Nabokov & formalism (fwd)
In my first attempt to forward a message to the list I am afraid I
forwarded the same message from Roy Johnson twice instead of two different
messages I had received from him. I apologize and promise to improve. The
other message follows. GD

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Roy Johnson wrote:

> If Andreas can dig into the NABOKV-L archives, he will
> find that in my study of THE EYE, I give quite some attention
> to the feature of the unreliable narrator - including the
> two miraculous feats of narration which VN pulls off in
> this story/novella:
> 1. the narrator who commits suicide half way through his story
> 2. the narrative of a deceiving and *self*-deceiving character
> which threatens to crash in its own artifice, but then
> recovers with an artistic back-flip - sheer genius
> --
> Roy Johnson