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Obsession in LOLITA and Pnin
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The author is responding to a request for clarification of her topic by
Roy Johnson in his message at the very bottom.
As for the matter of PNIN criticism and point of view, the
essential work is Gennady Barabtarlo's _Phantom of Fact: A Guide to
Nabokov's PNIN_ Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1989.
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>Dear Dr Roy Johnson,
>I am planning on analysing the Pnin narrator with regard to the 'unreliable
>narrator', which I believe Nick Carraway is too. I hopefully will be
>considering the link between unreliability in narration and an obsessive
>motief. Is it Nick Carraway that is the one who is really obsessed with
>Gatsby? This question can be considered by looking at how Nick romanticises
>Gatsby's obsession. In the light of this statement, is then the narrator of
>Pnin obsessed with Pnin? Can a narrator who imagines Pnin's life down to the
>scarlett lozenges on Pnin's socks be considered obsessive? I will be
>considering such questions during the course of my dissertation.Admittedly,
>due to course work essays, I have only looked into Gatsby so far, I am
>finding it difficult to gather any criticism about Pnin,and so cannot put
>forward my 'Pnin narrator and obsession' link strongly.
>Best wishes,
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>Could you say a little bit more about the case of
>the PNIN narrator, Lynda. I can see Carraway and Humbert
>as obsessives, but your third example ...?
>Dr Roy Johnson