Vladimir Nabokov

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ADA chapter 38 menu (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. Many thanks to C. Mueller-Goedecke
<100524.266@CompuServe.COM> for the intelligence below. John Rea quite
rightly notes that the "Lord Byron" is significant. Byron, like Van, was
even more fond of his (half-)sister Ada than he was of Hock.
>>Demon, by the way, seemed quite pleased with "Lord Byron's Hock." TO which
delicacy does that refer?

A 'Hock' is a short form for 'Hochheimer', a great white wine, Riesling, from
Hochheim near Wiesbaden in the Rheingau-Region near the river Rhine. This wine
was named 'Hock' and became famous especially in England after Queen Victoria's
stopover in Hochheim to taste the wine there...

all the best

Connie, although livin in Hamburg, my home is near this wine!

Cornelie Mueller-Goedecke
in Hamburg / Germany