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Lyne/Schiff Lolita in Newsweek (fwd)
From: Roy C Flannagan <rflnnagn@SWAMPFOX.FMARION.EDU>

The December 16th Newsweek has a full page article about the slow
development of Lyne's movie version of _Lolita_. Writers David Gates and
Corie Brown claim that Lyne's $40 to $60 million film may "end up the
most expensive coterie film ever made." There's even discussion of
Lyne's "artistic discipline and restraint" as he edits the sex scenes in
the movie. Apparently, Lyne tries to approximate the book's radical
shifts in tone, one reason for the delay in the production.
Including a photo of Dominique Swain, the article should heighten
anticipation for the movie.

Roy Flannagan
Francis Marion University