Vladimir Nabokov

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ADA chapter 38 menu (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. Andy Shaindlin <shain@umich.edu> provides the first of what
we hope will be many wholesome Nabokovian meals (derived from his fiction).
Perhaps Quilty's of Princeton & NYC can be persuaded to cater a VN
Centennial dinner.
Marina remembers ("more or less correctly") Demon's favorite foods...

zelyoniya shchi ("a velvety green sorrel-and-spinach soup, containing
slippery hard-boiled eggs and served with finger-burning, irresistably soft,
meat-filled or carrot-filled or cabbage-filled pirozhki...")


"bread-crumbed sander (sudak) with boiled potatoes, hazel-hen (ryabchiki) and
that special asparagus (bezukhanka) which does not produce Proust's
After-effect, as cookbooks say."
--p. 254, Vintage paper ed.

On the next page we learn that Marina could not obtain the "European product"
for the sudak, and instead used "wall-eyed pike, or 'dory,' with Tartar sauce
and boiled young potatoes."

Demon, by the way, seemed quite pleased with "Lord Byron's Hock." TO which
delicacy does that refer?

I'm sure they enjoyed their dory with ardory in Ladory...

Andy Shaindlin