Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0001528, Sun, 8 Dec 1996 16:44:40 -0800

Winter Break (fwd)

NABOKV-L will be down from December 20th until January 4, 1997. I
hope to see many of you at the MLA and AATSEEL VN sessions. You may
continue to send messages for me (Donald Barton Johnson
<chtodel@humanitas.ucsb.edu>) or NABOKV-L <NABOKV-L@ucsbvm.ucsb.edu>, but
I shall probably not respond to them until my return.

Below is some important information.

It's getting very near the time when many subscribers to this list
leave town, for the winter or for good. If you plan to be away from
your account for a protracted period of time, you may not want to
return to dozens of listserv mail messages in your mailbox. If this
applies to you, read on for some things you can do (NOTE: you may wish
to print this out for future reference):

Below I list a few commands. When sending those commands, send e-mail


Include the command in the body of the mail (LISTSERV ignores everything
in the Subject: field).

- If you're graduating, losing the account you're currently
using, or otherwise giving up on this list, send the
following command before you go:


If you're subscribed to other listserv lists, you can leave
all of them in one fell swoop by sending the following


(note the "(" before the word NETWIDE)

- If you're planning to be away for awhile, whether for a
couple of weeks or for the entire winter, you may want to
stop receiving posts from this list yet remain subscribed to
it. To do this, send the following command before you go:


If you SET NABOKV-L NOMAIL before you left, you want to send
the following command when you return:


This will tell the listserv that you wish to resume normal
use of the list, and you will be sent copies of messages
sent to the list as they are posted. (NOTE: If you're
currently set to DIGEST or INDEX and you set NOMAIL, sending
the SET NABOKV-L MAIL command will return you to DIGEST or

This list is archived on the LISTSERV on a monthly basis.
When you return, you can catch up on what you missed by
using the GET command to get a month's worth of postings
(all together in a single mailing). For example:


If you sent that command (at some point after Dec. 31), the
LISTSERV would send you all the posts to the list which
appeared in December 1996 (hence the LOG9612). Keep in mind,
though, that such a file may be very long and some gateways
will reject it for that very reason. It probably makes more
sense to search the archives selectively for the time period
you were away. Send the command GET NABOKV-L SEARCH or
INFO DATABASE for more information on searching the archives.

As always, if you have any questions regarding LISTSERV, please
send them directly to me at the address below, not to NABOKV-L
If I feel the answer may be of benefit to the entire list
membership, I may reply on the list.

Apologies to those subscribers living on the "other" side of the
equator. Just do a personal "search and replace" on the above
message, replacing "winter" with "summer." :)

Happy holidays to all...

- D. Barton Johnson, list owner and editor of NABOKV-l