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Quilty's- restaurant review (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Perhaps some "foodie" (as they say in L.A.) would care to
look into this and advise us on how "Nabokovian" the place is. I seem to
recall that VN once remarked that a soft-boiled egg was "the perfect food."
Maybe Quilty's would like to recreate the "family dinner" in the middle
of ADA. It included Peterson's pheasant, asparagus, and what else?. A whole
series of Nabokovian dinners might be created--one (or more for each novel).


From: Andy Shaindlin <>

Info and reviews about QUilty's can be found at the following spots on the


where it says (in part):

..."new kids on the block, including Quilty's....First-time
restauranteurs[sic] Jason Unger and Sam Roberts opened Quilty's in the former
"Grotto" restaurant space only one year ago. Besides the French classics,
Quilty's offers American Classics. Unger said he enjoys Witherspoon Street
because of it's [sic] shade and that it's a bit more of a small town street."


Andy Shaindlin