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Re: LO & Incest: MLA paper (fwd)
For one of the earliest instances of incest in Russian literature, see
Dostoevsky's Khoziaka, where the strange couple from whom the protagonist
rents a room are strongly hinted to be father and daughter.

Galya Diment

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> EDITOR'S COMMENT. Jay Livingston's <LIVINGSTON@saturn.montclair.edu>
> observation is well taken. I devote a page or so to reviewing Mann's use
> of the incest theme (and VN's atttitude toward it) in my _Worlds in
> Regression_ volume.
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> Thomas Mann may not have been Nabokov's favorite author, but his "Blood of the
> Walsungs" antedates "Ada" by several decades. And of course there's Hamlet's
> accusations of incest.
> Jay Livingston