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Quilty's (fwd)
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EDITOR'S NOTE. NABOKV-L thanks Clarence Brown for his earlier
intelligence on the original Princeton "Quilty's." Since the owner(s)
is/are evidently Nabokov fans, perhaps someone could contact
(her/him/them) and get the inside story. By inducting the
owner(s) into the NABOKV-L "Hall of Fame," members of the International
Nabokov Society might get a group discount. (Or at least the Editor.)
Clarence Brown, Professor of Comparative Literature:

I can clear up at least one momentous matter: the Quilty's in New
York City is indeed a branch of the original Quilty's in Princeton, which
is on Witherspoon Street and not, as it should be, on Humbert Street,
leading to the cemetery. This knowledge comes to me from a dissertation
student whose husband is the manager of the Princeton establishment.

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