Vladimir Nabokov

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Quilty's (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. Jay Livingston <LIVINGSTON@saturn.montclair.edu> makes an
excellent proposal below: Nabokovian menus. The possibilites are endless.
By novel, by character, by theme. A LOLITA Thanksgiving Dinner?
This week's New York Magazine has a review of a restaurant called Quilty's,
apparently a branch office of an similarly named place in Princeton and
apparently including some Nabokovian themes. (These "apparently"s because I
find Gael Greene's writing so opaque and impenetrable).

If you want to bring in more contributions from non-scholars, perhaps list
servees might be asked to invent possible menu items (something beyond the
obvious Charlotte Russe and butterflied leg of lamb), complete with description.

Jay Livingston