Vladimir Nabokov

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Happy Birthday ZEMLA!!!
On December 1, 1996, Zembla celebrated its first birthday. A hearty and
heartfelt bolshoe spasibo to all of you who have contributed to the site or
offered suggestions for improving it.

New addition to Zembla:

Leading French Nabokovian Maurice Couturier, author of the first
French monograph on VN (1979) and many other books and articles, translator
of three of N's books, and chief editor of the forthcoming Pleiade edition
of Nabokov's complete works, has generously made available to Zembla an
English version of the fifth chapter of his recent book, _Roman et censure,
ou la mauvaise foi d'Eros_ [Novel and Censorship, or Eros' Bad Faith]
(Seyssel: Champ Vallon, 1996). Chapter 5 deals at length with the erotic
aspects of _Lolita_ and _Ada_ in the context of (authorial self- and
societal) censorship.
My thanks to Couturier for making his text available to English readers.

A note on the Zembliography:

The bibliography of VN criticism in Zembla compiled by Dieter E.
Zimmer has been updated to include a few dozen more citations, thanks to the
helpful suggestions of several visitors to Zembla. (I invite anyone who
knows of a book or article on VN not listed to please send me the
information. Thank you.)

Jeff Edmunds
Self-Styled Clown-Prince of Zembla