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LO & Incest: MLA paper
EDITOR'S NOTE. J. A. Rea <JAREA@UKCC.UKY.EDU> offers his comments on
Jen Shelton's <sheltojl@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu> MLA paper on LO and incest.
I was most pleased to note your paper on 'Incest Narrative Structure
in Lolita," and am sorry I am not going to be at MLA to hear it. I have
been grumbling to myself for quite some time about D. B. Johnsons much
too strong statement on p 116 of his _Worlds in Regression...._ that
"The theme of incest makes its first major appearance in Nabokov's English
chef-d'oeuvre _Ada or Ardor...._ The "theme" (and the fact, actually) of
incest simply cannot be set aside in _Lolita_, and the many allusions
directly and indirectly support it -- Humbert's (and Nabokov's?) reliability
as a narrator notwithstanding. I would very much like to see a copy of
your paper and may share some of my minor comments with you when I do:
either before or after the meeting. Good luck!


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J. A. Rea jarea@ukcc.uky.edu