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Re: teen readers (fwd)
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> From: NanceSea@aol.com
> Mr Williams posted:
> If I had a teenager I wanted to read Nabokov, I think I'd say something to
> the effect of: "No. You're too young to be reading Nabokov."
> As someone, and I am sure not the only someone in this group, who as a teen
> was reading books "far beyond my years" I am offended by the ageist and
> puritanical attitude of this remark. Being chronologically challenged does
> not necessarily imply a lack of comprehension and maturity far beyond many
> people of greater years. I think encouraging bright and intellectually
> curious youth to expand their horizons and discover new writers and thought
> is the responsibility of all, whether they be academics or just parents,
> relatives or friends.
> Nance Morris
> NanceSea@aol.com

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