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VN's Play "The Pole" in France (fwd)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 15:43:16 +0100
From: OLLIER Nicole - Pays Anglophones <ollier@montaigne.u-bordeaux.fr>
To: chtodel@humanitas.ucsb.edu
Subject: The Pole in France

Dear Nabokovians,

More news about THE POLE which is now being performed in Paris in
Klaus Michael Gruber's version (Location: MC 93, Bobigny, tel. 0141607272
this is on the outskirsts of Paris)and it will be on until December 1, the
French text was translated from the Russian by Andre Markowicz. Bruno Ganz
plays Scott's part and Andre Wilms Fleming's.
There was an excellent review in LIBERATION last Thursday (November 14), but
I don't have time to copy it for you, sorry.
Unfortunately, I can't give you my own opinion as I haven't seen the play
and I am leaving for over a fortnight.

Christine Raguet-Bouvart