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For some years I has been curious about an item encountered in a VN
bibliographic search of UC library holdings. It is:

Hoang Hai Thuy. Tieng cuoi trong dem toi=nguyen tac Laughter in
the dark cua Vladimir Nabokov /Hoang Hai Thuy. Glendale, CA: Dai Nam,
1980. 406pp.

Further investigation came up with: Adaptation of _Laughter in
the Dark_ by Vladimir Nabokov. Reprint. Originally published: Saigon: Hai
Dang, 1975. Includes a reproduction of the title page of the 1975 ed.

Now, thanks to Bennet Lerner (NABOKV-L's sole subscriber in
Thailand) who took the above information to his favorite Vietnamese
restaurant, we have an authoritative translation.

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Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 23:40:30 -0700
From: Bennett Lerner <bennett@cm-sun.cm.ksc.co.th>

Here it is. I hope you're not disappointed.

Tieng cuoi trong demtoi = nguyen tac Laughter in the Dark Vladimir Nabokov

Tieng = sound
cuoi = smile
trong = in
demtoi = very dark
nguyen tac = law

The last is perhaps intriguing?

Yours, Bennett Lerner
DBJ: I remain curious about what sort of "adaptation" Hoang Hai Thuy has
made. For stage or film? Moved the setting to Viet Nam?
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