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The current NEW YORKER (25 Nov. 1996, p. 50) has a "Town of the Town"
item by Mark Danner called "Guardian Angels." It concerns censorship in
the media and concludes on the new film LOLITA . Noting that, despite the
Nabokov's fame and the emminence of its director and stars, the film had
yet found no American distributor, Danner writes:

"I called the press agent, who denied that there was a problem. But I
wasn't convinced, so I called an old friend in Hollywood--a wily
producer. I was advised to calm down. "Yes," she said, "the climate is
different--you could certainly argue that today's audience is more
bluestocking, very sensitive to the exploitation of minors. But,
frankly, perverts have never been a huge factor in opening a movie."
"She went on the speculate that the real reason "Lolita" hasn't
yet found an American distributor is that "dirty movies don't work--they
don't 'open.' I mean, look at the record: 'Showgirls' tanked,
'Striptease' tanked--and that had Demi Moore. And what's Adrian got? An
unknown fifteen-year-old girl. Believe me, if some distributor was
convinced "Lolita' would open, they would be all over it.
"The problem is an unknown fifteen-year-old girl? I couldn't help
but wonder what Nabokov would say to _that_. After all, he saw himself in
the tradition of Dante and Poe, taking on a perennial subject of
art---obsessive love. I think he would have just shaken his head and

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