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Curious Dragons send message to "Entertainment Weekly"
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EDITOR'S NOTE. On Aug.8, 1996 "Entertainment Weekly" ran an article "Girl
Trouble" by Ben Svetkey about Adrian Lyne's & writer Steve Schiff's new
Lolita film and its troubles. I have not seen the URL given by "Curious
Dragons" below, but judging by the date, I assume it refers to the Svetkey's
article-interview. The article triggered a flood of exchanges on NABOKV-L
centering around postings from Brian Walter and script writer Schiff. All
of this, including some of Svetkey's article can be found in the NABOKV-L
Archive (LOG9608 & perhaps LOG9609). "Curious Dragons (Sandy Klein
<taxi@flinet.com> have sent us the following item.
The below was sent to:

"Entertainment Weekly welcomes reader e-mail. Story and review
comments, questions to our writers and editors, general inquiries
about the entertainment industry -- we'll read 'em all."


The below is in reference to the following URL:


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Is Mr. Lyne knocking, in "Entertainment Weekly" ("GIRL TROUBLE")
and elsewhere,

A) The published VN "LOLITA" script, now reprinted by Vintage for
all to judge, which he may have read;

B) The regurgitated Kubrick version thereof -- which VN throughly
disavowed while generously praising film's talents -- in notes
published in (A) above, but which did, after all, win an Oscar

C) The 400 pp TS version he has never seen?


A) If it might not be smart, and incidentally sexier, to put
Miss Swain's versatility of expression, about which Lyne
"RHAPSODIZES," at the viewer's service, leaving the rest to
imagination; Dragons have good reason to believe subtle VN would
have thought so;

B) If it might not be good, at times, for some mouths to tape
shut at least a corner of themselves.