Vladimir Nabokov

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Forthcoming Book: Galya Diment's PNINIADE: VN & MARC SZEFTEL
In response to a request from David Webb to post the info about my book on
the list:

The book is coming out from the University of Washington Press next year,
probably late summer or early fall. An article, based on one of the
chapters and the introduction, will be featured in the next issue of the
Nabokov Studies. I am also giving a talk on the Pnin chapter in Berkeley
two weeks from now, and will be happy to send a copy of that to anyone who
is interested (this is not the same materials which is appearing in
Nabokov Studies) -- or simply a copy of that chapter. GD

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I have a whole chapter on that in my forthcoming
book on Pnin (Pniniade: Marc Szeftel and Vladimir Nabokov) and could send
it to you if you are interested.
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Would you please announce to the list when this book is published? I'd
be interested.

David Webb